The Green Jobs Initiative works directly with students, educators, businesses, and community partners to create equitable pathways to jobs offering family-sustaining wages in the clean energy economy who are aware of, and trained for, jobs in the green economy.

The Initiative is a collaboration between organizations and businesses in the Twin Cities metro representing the nonprofit sector, workforce programs, education, government agencies, unions, natural resources.

Minnesota is at a crossroads. We have grown our clean energy generation from 6% in 2005 to over 21% by 2015. Minnesota also ranks in the top 10 states in the country for its energy efficiency standards and is one of 13 states – and the only state in the Midwest – to commit to the upholding the Paris Agreement on climate change. It is estimated that during the next 15 years, Minnesota will add at least 25,000 new clean energy jobs that will generate more than $2 billion in additional wages, which translates to family-supporting careers and millions in tax revenue for communities.

But, will these jobs help close our gaping equity disparities and projected workforce shortage? Will we provide students of color or financially disadvantaged communities with the same access to STEM-based careers? What can we collectively do to solve poverty and climate change at the same time? What work is already underway to address this and how can we support and scale up this work with a common vision for equity and justice?