Over the last year Climate Generation has visited 12 communities throughout the state of Minnesota. We have heard how climate change is impacting our economy, our tourism, our seasons and our way of life. We have also heard stories of community members working towards solutions and connected with organizations, utilities and businesses that can offer specific, tangible solutions. Did you miss the two webinars? Click on the links below, to find out what we have learned and what we hope will happen next!

Webinar Format:

  • Key Lessons Learned from Climate Minnesota Convenings
  • What Happened After Climate Minnesota? Ripple Effects from convenings
  • Climate Change Guest Speaker
  • Featured Storyteller from a Climate Minnesota community

April 14, 2016 10:00 AM–11:00 AM CDT

Ripple Effects:
Rochester – 100 percent renewable energy by 2031!, presented by Ardell F. Brede, City of Rochester Mayor
Crookston – Pushing for a Bike Friendly City, presented by Rose Clarke, Community Outreach Corpsmember with U of MN’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Guest Speaker:
Elizabeth Dunbar, Environment Reporter for MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) News

Kristin Foster – Iron Range, MN – “Iron Filings: The Iron Range Conundrum”
Siri Berg-Moberg – Central, MN – “A Pond Hockey Story”

“Rochester eyes 100 percent renewable energy by 2031”
Crookston officially recognized as a ‘Step One’ GreenStep City
Climate Change in Minnesota – MPR News

March 15, 2016 6:30 PM–7:30 PM CDT

Ripple Effects:
Duluth – Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition, presented by Ecolibrium3
Mankato – Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, presented by Region Nine Development Commission

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Jay Austin, Large Lakes Observatory, U of M–Duluth, Lake Superior and our Warming Great Lakes

Megan Van Loh – Climate Generation – “Minnesota Memories”

Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition
Climate Change Adaptation Task Force
Region Nine Development Commission
Large Lakes Observatory

Webinar Archive

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