Build climate literacy, political will, and awareness of climate action opportunities to your community.

When it comes to implementing climate change solutions, local communities are powerfully positioned to create an undercurrent of momentum and ambitious pathways to change that our national and global leaders cannot easily ignore.

Climate Generation has developed a model and method for hosting community convenings on climate change. Convenings elevate stories of individuals engaged in climate change, build community-led innovations and local solutions, and create opportunities for people to discover their personal connections to climate change to inspire meaningful action.

Organize a Convening in Your Community!

EYEWITNESS: Minnesota Voices on Climate Change

EYEWITNESS is a publication of short stories, poems and sketches that speak to the diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and histories of Minnesotans and their experiences of climate change.

Talk Climate Institute

An annual two-day workshop to learn new ways to talk about climate change and develop your own climate story.

Climate Conversations Series

Climate Conversations, in partnership with Three Rivers Park Districts, brings together local experts, storytellers, and a variety of solutions to climate change, held in five distinct sites across the Park District through 2020.

Climate Minnesota

Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions increased climate literacy and action by sharing the knowledge of local experts and the stories of individuals engaged in climate change. This nationally recognized and award-winning program engaged over 1,000 Minnesotans in conversations about climate change and connected them with opportunities for solutions.