Carlton’s YES! Team will educate our community, benefit the lives of our peers, and save the planet.





Don’t get caught doing nothing.

New London-Spicer

Our YES! team is excited to educate the community about how and why climate change is happening and what effects it is having on our lives in the heart of “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”. We are also eager to help them understand that there are local solutions that almost anyone can do to help the global problem. We are thrilled to inform our community on how they can help impact our earth in a positive way!

Look inside each element of our convenings across the five communities:

Opening Speaker – Principal Chris Fogarty, Century High School | Rochester
The beautiful thing you have to realize about young people these days is that when people say “kids these days”..this is a phenomenal generation of young people. It really really is….There is this character with our young people that the adults, let’s face it, they need to fix everything that we’ve screwed up. And we either need to realize some of our habits and decisions we’ve made for them, that they’ve had to deal with. But they’re gonna have to fix them. Because we can’t sustain at this level.


Science Presenter – Dr. Alison Wallace, Minnesota State University Moorhead | Moorhead
When I heard about this event, how could I say no to being here? When youth are calling, we respond.


Climate Storyteller – Danny Friedman, Teacher at Northern Lights Community School | Warba
I’ve been thinking a lot about nature’s power to calm and give a much needed perspective on things lately. I can’t think of anything this world needs more of now than a deep breath and some time listening…I talk with young people frequently about climate change, and they are well aware of the danger of continuing on our current path. The message they are getting is that “if we don’t do something about climate change things are going to get very bad”. I don’t want youth to be motivated only by the fear of what is to come. I think we might have better luck if we are all motivated by the love of what is here now.


Solutions Conversations

Sharing the climate science, local impacts and the stories of community members at convenings helped to build a sense of intergenerational learning and rich conversation on engagement in solutions.

Local solutions providers by community:


Carlton County Zoning and Environmental Services
Locally Laid (Farm LoLa)

Grand Rapids (Warba)

Itasca Clean Energy
Marcel Research Center
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District


Minnesota Department of Commerce
City of Moorhead Recycling
Clay County Recovery Services