Climate Minnesota:
Rochester Recap

Monday, October 12th, 2015

5:30 pm Resource Fair
6:45 pm Convening
8:45 pm Dessert Reception

Rochester Technical and Community College, Heintz Center


Ardell Brede, Mayor



What do you value most about your Rochester community?



Paul Huttner, Chief Meteorologist, MPR




“The Air We Breathe, A Cause and Effect Conundrum” (download PDF)
Robert Moffitt, American Lung Association


“Working With the Land: A Farmer’s Perspective” (download PDF)
Bruce Barnum, Local Farmer


“Student Empowerment for Solar Power” (download PDF)
Nathan Weinshenker, Mayo High School Senior



How do you feel about tackling climate change solutions?


Solutions Workshops

Climate Storytelling Workshop

We all have a story to tell. What is your climate story? Learn how personal stories can build confidence in talking to peers about this seemingly complex issue. Actionable item: Begin to develop your own climate story and learn about how the power of story can paint a compelling picture of how this issue is intertwined with our lives and why we should care. Presented by Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy.

Rochester Energy Solutions

Reducing emissions that are contributing to climate change begins with understanding how we’re using energy, where our energy comes and how we personally can get behind smart energy choices. Actionable item: Learn about what you can do to become engaged in solutions, ranging from home improvements to simple behavior changes. Presented by Minnesota Department of Commerce, Energy Resources Division and the Rochester Energy Commission

Slowing the Flow of Stormwater

Climate change is leading to larger rainfalls and more flooding in southeast Minnesota. In this workshop, local landowners will learn how to adapt to this “new normal” by “Slowing the Flow” of stormwater runoff. Actionable items: Learn how to implement management practices through rain barrels, rain gardens, terraces, and farm ponds. Presented by the Zumbro Watershed Partnership and the U of M’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships.

Air Pollution and Public Health

With more days topping 100-degrees Fahrenheit, Minnesotans could experience more days with poor air quality, causing impacts to our health. Actionable item: Gain a better understanding of how air quality impacts health and the actions you can do on a personal, family, and community level to improve air quality. Presented by North Sky Health Consulting.

Agricultural Solutions in a Changing Climate

Agriculture is a significant contributor to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, agriculture also has the potential to help reverse climate change through farming methods that build healthy soil and sequester carbon. Actionable item: Learn about how we can respond to these changes through innovative solutions that aim to reduce carbon emissions while also balancing how to improve bottom lines. Presented by the Land Stewardship Project.


Minnesota Department of Commerce

Environmental Quality Board

Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, University of Minnesota

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

American Lung Association in Minnesota

Land Stewardship Project

Minnesota Student Energy Project (MNSEP)

Olmsted County Public Health Services

RCTC Environmental Science Program

Renewing the Countryside

Rochester Energy Commission

Solar Connection

We Bike Rochester

Zumbro Watershed Partnership