A public convening on climate change can bring climate literacy, political will, and awareness of climate action opportunities to your community.

When it comes to implementing climate change solutions, local communities are powerfully positioned to create an undercurrent of momentum and ambitious pathways to change that our national and global leaders cannot easily ignore.

Climate Generation has developed a model and method for hosting public convenings on climate change. Through sharing knowledge from local experts and stories of individuals engaged in climate change, convenings build on the importance of storytelling, community-led innovations and local solutions, and the power of creating personal connection to inspire action.

Organize a convening in your community

Community Convenings

Climate Conversations Series

Climate Conversations, in partnership with Three Rivers Park Districts, brings together local experts and storytellers on climate impacts in five different communities.

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Youth Convening Minnesota

Launched in 2017, Youth Convening Minnesota (YCM) is an opportunity for high school youth to learn about climate change and gain the leadership skills needed to convene their local community on climate change and inspire solutions.

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Climate Minnesota

Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions increased climate literacy and action by sharing the knowledge of local experts and the stories of individuals engaged in climate change.

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