We offer customized workshops throughout the year for teachers, schools, nature centers, museums, and other educational settings.

Climate Generation’s Education team has worked with several schools to support the design and implementation of climate change curriculum. If your school is interested in integrating climate change, our staff are happy to be a resource to assist you in bringing this issue into the classroom.

We’ve done school visits, day-long trainings, year-long mentorship, and professional development to assist schools in this process, and will work with you to determine the best way to meet your school or district’s needs.

Upcoming Workshops

No upcoming workshops at this time.

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Would you like to have a workshop or training at your educational setting? Click here to fill out a form to inquire about Climate Generation creating a one-of-a-kind workshop for your school, district, nature center, or other educational setting.

Check out these past workshops we have offered for educators:

Climate Change Curriculum Integration: Lowell School 2016-17

On April 27-28, Climate Generation led a workshop with 6th and 7th grade teachers from Lowell School in Washington D.C. This workshop included a collection of activities, simulations, and presentations to help Lowell transform their 6th grade curriculum to be climate centric. The main focus of this curriculum model shift was in the humanities, which included civics, geography, history, economics, writing, and both fiction and nonfiction literature.
Beyond this 2-day workshop, we also provided Lowell with weekly video calls to assist them in finding the right resources for each subject area by having discussions about the choices for novels, articles, and activities.

Climate Literacy Workshop: NAAEE 2011

On October 12 representatives from the Climate Literacy Network came together to provide an all day workshop at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference. The workshop, Climate Change Education: Science, Solutions, Inspiration, and Empowerment, gave participants an introduction to climate science, common climate change misconceptions, educational materials educators can use to integrate climate education into curriculum & professional development programs, and the importance of integrating climate solutions into climate change education. The following syllabus from the workshop has a description of each section, the presenter and includes powerpoints, when provided. Down the PDF of the agenda: NAAEE 2011 CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION.