We are all members of the community of Planet Earth. Looking in detail at a specific area, namely the Arctic, can help us appreciate the meaning of community.

In the Arctic community we see different members with diverse perspectives and ways of knowing all contributing to knowledge and action to slow climate change. The lessons of community learned by studying the Arctic can inspire and empower all of us in our roles as community members on Planet Earth. The focus is on solutions and positive messages of hope and action.

For each Arctic community member you can explore:

icon_lessonplansLesson Plan designed specifically for middle school students (but which could be easily adapted for use with other ages of students)


Discussion Starter designed for use with high school and college students


icon_actionAction! opportunities


icon_moreresourcesResources for continued study


icon_adventurelearningAdventure Learning brings the expedition and authentic learning experiences to classrooms via the internet.


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