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Green Careers for a Changing Climate Documentary

Green Careers for a Changing Climate is a ten-minute documentary that introduces Green STEM Careers as a solution to climate change. Through interviews with five professionals in the field, your students will learn the skills needed and possible pathways to a Green STEM Career.

Will Steger’s Solo Expedition 2018

Our founder, polar explorer Will Steger, is embarking on a two-and-a-half month solo journey across the Arctic this March through June. The impacts of climate change in this region are profound, and Will’s weekly dispatches will share observations and reflections on how the Arctic has changed in his 50 years of exploration. This is your chance to follow along with Will in your classroom!

Arctic Community for Grades 6-8

This curriculum features the Arctic community as seen by animals, native peoples, explorers and scientists; all with diverse perspectives and ways of knowing, and all contributing to knowledge and action to slow climate change. The focus is on solutions and positive messages of hope and action.

Minnesota’s Changing Climate for Grades 3-12

This online classroom was developed in conjunction with the Minnesota’s Changing Climate lessons. Through the classroom students have the opportunity to learn about Minnesota’s unique biomes and the impacts of climate change.

Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate

We developed a television documentary and educator discussion guide that highlights stories of Minnesotans working on climate change solutions.