In this time of challenge and opportunity we are making space to listen and learn from our communities to take action. 

In celebration of the new book, Eyewitness, written by Minnesotans calling for action on climate change, Climate Generation is offering a virtual series to uplift and listen to a diverse range of voices sharing stories that influence our social and political reality. During each event, hear from musicians, artists, and storytellers, and engage in action opportunities.

Climate change and racism are inextricably linked, and we cannot effectively address one without addressing the other. Sharing stories by the people who are most affected is critical for understanding the complexity of the moment and to shift dominant narratives.


Workshops will take place virtually on CrowdCast, from 12pm-1pm CDT. 

The Critical Intersection of Racial Injustice and Climate Change
Thursday, August 6th

Dismantling the Old: Shifting the Narrative
Tuesday, August 18th

Rebuilding the New: A Better World is Possible
Tuesday, September 22nd


Book clubs will take place virtually on Zoom, from 7-8pm CDT.  Registration required, limited to 30 participants at each event.

Wednesday, Aug 12th
Thursday, Sept 3rd

Visit the Eyewitness website to register.