The Teach Climate Teachers Scholarship Fund


The Teach Climate Teachers Scholarship Fund is building on Climate Generation’s 12-year expertise in peer reviewed, science-based climate change education and curriculum development. Members of our Advisory Board have joined together to reach deeper and do more to address the pressing need for climate change education. They have set a goal of securing 400 scholarships for teachers to attend a Climate Generation professional development training to meet the need for climate change education for K-12 educators in 2018 and beyond.

Teachers often pay out of pocket. This effort dramatically reduces most or all costs to attend our programming. Join the Teach Climate Teachers Scholarship Fund and sponsor a teacher to attend one of our trainings by filling out the pledge form available on the side bar. Download the form, make your commitment, and mail it in. A $500 Teach Climate Teachers scholarship is a direct way to support not only educators, but also today’s youth!

Join us in making Minnesota a leader in science-based climate change education and a model for the rest of the country!

2018 Scholarship Supporters

Full Scholarships

Dr. John Abraham
In honor of the teachers

Mary Ellen and Peter Alden
In memory of Meredith Brown Alden

Mark and Connie Andrew
In honor of Samantha Andrew, John Andrew, Carla Cahill, Ralph (Tony) Wright

David Brown

R. Michael Conley

Chuck Dayton

Judson Dayton

Beth and Kevin Dooley

Elliott Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Buck and Holly Elliott

Jake Fishman and Kim Lear
In honor of Mira Fishman, Isla Gardner, Kate Gardner, and the children of Minnesota

Ned Foster and Laura Tiffany

Lynn Gordon, French Meadow
In Memory of Robert Smith

Peter and Mary Gove
In honor of Mary Gove

Jessica Hellman

Will Kaul

Richard and Sally Leider
In honor of Ray and Marge Humphries, Austin and Ethan Sievers, Eleanor Leider

Jim and Susan Lenfestey

Bridget and Ross Levin

Mary Lilly

Meredith McQuaid

David and Mary Neal
In honor of Our children & future grandchildren

Richard Neuner and Laura A. Kinkead
In honor of Michael Neuner, Catherine Neuner, and Ben Neuner

Kate and Stuart Nielsen

Megan O’Hara

Cheryl Olseth
In honor of Karen Solomon

Judy Poferl
In honor of Eli Poferl and Emily Evans

Raj Rajan and Kavitha Sitaram

Dave Rapaport
In honor of Marjory Plant, my third grade teacher, who introduced me to the natural world of birds, rocks and plants, and kindled in me the passion for protecting our planet that has propelled my life ever since.

Win and Binky Rockwell
In honor of Teddy Rockwell, Maggie Rockwell, Frankie Rockwell, Molly Sullivan, Sam Rockwell, Maddy Rockwell, Kris Aydt

Melissa Rappaport Schifman

Tim and Denise Seck

Don Shelby

Gary Smaby

Bruce and Julie Steiner

Cassidy and Andrew Steiner

Joel Theisen, Lifesprk

Partial Scholarships

Joe and Jane Cavanaugh
Meg Forney
Susan Foord Kettering
Charles and Becky Lyon
Eric and Sara Olsen
James Reid
Shelly Sturgis