The second event in our exciting series in partnership with Three Rivers Park District, the Climate Conversation at Silverwood Park on February 16, 2019 brought together over 130 people to deepen their understanding of climate change and engagement in local solutions through art.

Climate change is affecting nearly every aspect of our natural resources. As their primary offering, Three Rivers Park District is poised to foster environmental stewardship around cherished places and bring people together for this critical conversation. Each of the Climate Conversations in this solutions-focused event series are hosted at five distinct parks across the district, highlighting the science, stories and solutions; uniquely relevant to each location.

Silverwood Park is a unique natural destination devoted to supporting the practice, appreciation and awareness of creative interactions between people and the natural environment. The Climate Conversation at Silverwood Park featured the latest climate science shared through the power of art across mediums, as well as local artists’ stories of climate change impacts and experiences.

Featured Speakers

Participants heard the latest climate science, shared through the power of art, from Kristen Poppleton, Director of Programs at Climate Generation. Stories of how climate change affects our lives were shared by Executive Director of Minnesota Fringe, Dawn Bentley, artist MaryBeth Garrigan, and musician and poet Ben Weaver, who created an original piece for this Climate Conversation.

Climate Change + Art: Bringing Data to Life

Examples of art and climate science mentioned during Kristen Poppleton’s talk include:

The IPCC report in haiku and watercolor

Our warming world in stripe form

The sound of climate change from the Amazon to the Arctic

#IceWatch Paris December 2014

A Climate Scientist On ‘Slaying The Climate Dragon’

Video poem: Two degrees is a gamble

The Tempestry Project

Interspecies Postal Project

Innovative Solutions

Participants engaged conversation-style, solutions workshops to discover creative ways to engage in action on climate change, including:

  • Poetry for Politicians with Erin Sharkey of Free Black Dirt
  • Interactive activities with Water Bar & Public Studio and Yo Mama’s Watering (W)hole
  • Art exhibition Phase II by Futures North
  • Collective art project bike printing press with musician and poet, Ben Weaver and Monica Larson of Sister Black Press
  • Preview filmmaker Ryan Clancy’s documentary work, One Must be a Sea

Participant Testimonials

“I was moved by the use of art to tap into emotions. The examples of knitted tapestries to capture temperature change, the song of climate, and more were powerful ways to convey climate change data.”

“The Climate Conversation at Silverwood were not only thoughtful and provoking, but provided the opportunity to view science through the arts; to connect left and right brain thinking; to converge logic and imagination to address complex climate change issues facing us today.”

Hear Climate Stories from Silverwood Park

Futures North Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

Promo videos; get an inside look at the preview of Climate Conversations at Silverwood Park with Alyssa Baguss and MaryBeth Garrigan.

MinnPost Opinion, featuring Dawn Bentley’s Climate Story, as prepared for Silverwood Park

Ben Weaver’s Climate Story, as prepared for Silverwood Park

MaryBeth Garrigan, as prepared for Silverwood Park

Resource Fair Participants

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Three Rivers Park District Natural Resource Management

Lakewinds Food Co-op

Center for Energy and Environment

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO)

Rice Creek Watershed

Northeast Tool Lending Library

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