Bring Will Steger’s Arctic expeditions into your classroom

Our founder, polar explorer Will Steger, is returning to the Arctic this spring after embarking on a two-and-a-half-month solo journey across the Barren Lands of the Canadian Arctic, March – June 2018. The impacts of climate change in this region are profound.

Follow along on Will’s 2019 Arctic expedition

Follow along on his 2019 Barren Lands Arctic expedition as we provide a few email updates on his whereabouts and connections to climate change in the classroom. If you would like to receive these emails, please sign up for our Climate Lessons Update for Educators e-newsletter.

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Will’s weekly dispatches from his 2018 Arctic Barren Lands expedition shared observations and reflections on how the Arctic has changed in his 50 years of exploration. You can use Will’s daily dispatches to teach your students about the regional impacts of climate change and how they are part of the solution. The activities provided can create a classroom unit about Arctic exploration, climate change, and self-reflection.

Explore Barren Lands Expedition Story Map