When Climate Generation began, our programming was centered on adventure learning, expeditions, and raising awareness of climate change in the Polar Regions.

Explore past expeditions and resources to understand how climate change is affecting the Arctic.

Will Steger Solo Expeditions

Will’s weekly dispatches from his 2018 Arctic Barren Lands expedition shared observations and reflections on how the Arctic has changed in his 50 years of exploration. You can use Will’s daily dispatches to teach your students about the regional impacts of climate change and how they are part of the solution. The activities provided can […]

Ellesmere Island Expedition 2008

Our goal was to use young explorers as a vehicle to motivate their generation and peers to get engaged in climate change.

Baffin Island Expedition 2007

Our goal was to put a human voice and cultural face on the issue through the eyes of the Inuit communities and our eyewitness expedition team.

The Changing Arctic

Climate change is faster and more severe in the Arctic than in most of the rest of the world. The Arctic is warming at a rate of almost twice the global average. Learn about these changes from events hosted with explorers, scientists and other Arctic experts.