Climate change is affecting our state’s varied regions and residents in different ways, but all Minnesotans have a story to tell. The TPT production “Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate,” part of Climate Generation’s Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions project, showcases six of these stories, along with narration from some of the state’s leading climate experts. The full production and the individual story clips are intended to serve as an educational and inspirational resource to build Minnesotans’ awareness of climate impacts and encourage the sharing of climate stories across the state.

In addition to watching clips here, you may download a discussion guide.

Read what Meteorologist Paul Douglas had to say about Minnesota Stores in a Changing Climate:

Amazing documentary! Congratulations to you and your team for crafting a compelling series of stories. So often this becomes an eye-glazing set of statistics and science tutorials, but this film has done a masterful job of humanizing the challenge – arming viewers with knowledge and leaving them with hope. This is one of the best examples of climate journalism I’ve seen anywhere, local or network: great visuals, pacing and stealth-science. People are already being impacted and the doc did a terrific job highlighting the impacts and solutions.

Thank you for renewing my resolve – and reminding me of the power of broadcast TV to be a powerful voice for the common good.

Well done! Paul Douglas, Meteorologist

Where Art Meets Air

Art conservator Kristin Cheronis and her team spend their workdays “where art meets air,” maintaining and preserving various Twin Cities outdoor sculptures.

Where Cattle Meets Climate

First-generation cattle farmer Tyler Carlson raises grass-fed beef on his family’s land in central Minnesota. Carlson went to school for restoration ecology and sustainable agriculture, and is implementing innovative agro-forestry practices on his farm.

Where Food Meets Farming

According to Kowalski’s Produce Director Jeremy Lee and Jerry Untiedt, a Minnesota farmer who sells his produce to Kowalski’s, the food we eat is becoming harder to grow, and the grocery store as we know it may soon be forced to adapt.

Where Science Meets Society

University of Minnesota researcher Peter Snyder studies heat islands in the Twin Cities metro area, where large expanses of “gray infrastructure” create microclimates of slightly elevated temperatures.

Where Climate Meets Community

Sammie Ardito Rivera and Deborah Ramos are not activists by trade. Rather, the two community leaders within metro Indigenous and Latino communities began organizing craft fairs and talking about building local climate resiliency out of a desire to protect and prepare their neighborhoods for the impacts of climate change.

Where Exploration Meets Education

More than most people, polar explorer and educator Will Steger has seen and felt the effects of climate change in his both his life and work: his past polar expeditions have been rendered unrepeatable due to melting ice caps fueled by climate change.