Youth Empowered!

2015-12-07-13-04-35-IMG_1980Thank you, youth all over the world, for bringing your energy and positive spirit to wherever you are and also to the environmental movement. The agreement that is made here in Paris will be the blueprint by which the global community can work for climate justice all over the world. The world needs you in this process and you have much to contribute.

2015-12-07-13-04-08-IMG_1925At the conference today, I met young people from several organizations. Even though some student group trips were cancelled because of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th, there is a strong youth presence at COP21 that reminds us of the importance that these negotiations have for our young people, our children, and future generations. As the ad in the metro says, “We will not be able to say that we did not know.”

2015-12-07-13-05-05-IMG_1990I had the pleasure of talking with a young man from Costa Rica who was participating in the World YMCA Camp Climate. I also talked with young people from the Sierra Club who were in Paris defending the environment and spreading the word about the Sierra Student Coalition; in sum, working for a better global future. The Sierra Club also has an Online Youth Exchange – a program that pairs youth organizers from around the world to foster partnerships and develop their organizing and leadership skills.

2015-12-07-13-06-14-210915_Page-standard_LEquipe2Do you want to send some positive energy to Paris? You can help create the energy to illuminate the Eiffel Tower! From now until December 12th, you can use your physical energy and track your calories consumed by running, biking, or other exercise through the RUNTASTIC app. Each night from December 6-12, French artist Yann Toma, in association with the ARTEL design studio, will transform the Eiffel Tower into an immense energy antenna. Using virtual energy generated by the actions of hundreds of millions people worldwide, it will be a powerful artistic statement that we can all unite to deal with the climate crisis.

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