Youth CAN! a Success

On November 8th, 2014 YEA! MN hosted Youth CAN! a one day conference about the intersections of climate change, environmental justice, social justice, and what we can do about these issues facing us today.

The inspiration for Youth CAN!, (Youth Climate Action Now!), came from an idea by YEA! MN steering committee student, Sjournee Cornelius-Quaidoo, and planned over the summer and fall by a dedicated team of YEA! MN students.

It was the dedicated high school students that invited the speakers, workshop leaders, and most importantly their fellow students. Over 160 high school students from 20 different high schools came to El Colegio Charter School.  Some students came as part of their high school earth clubs or community programs and this was another opportunity for them to deepen the leadership skills and knowledge that they already have.  For other students this was their first time participating in the youth movement, learning about community organizing, environmental justice, and talking about race in a safe and intentional space.

We are proud of the work that our students accomplished putting this on, and proud to have provided a space for the high school youth movement to grow in Minnesota! Of course, our youth leaders can tell you about it the best.  Check out what two of our lead students, Kumar and Espoir, think about the work that they have done, and don’t miss Hannah’s perspective as a new student at Youth CAN!

We want to thank Spark-Y and El Colegio for partnering with us and making the day possible.  We also want to thank the Headwaters Foundation for Justice for their generous Community Innovation Grant.


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