Youth Action Fun(d) Highlight: Climate Justice Book Drive

Climate change education is essential.

Our world is on fire in the current climate crisis, and any information pertaining to it cannot be accessible in the only educational setting that young students are provided. Due to education and political jurisdiction created by state and local governments, schools across Minnesota lack climate justice resources from their curriculums. However, we can still find ways to offer these crucial resources.

Yea Book Drive


Yea Book Drive

Over this past year, I created a climate justice book drive. With the help of local students Yasmin Ali and Sophia Martinez-Fervenza, we were able to provide 192 books to the high schools in our local area using Climate Generation’s YEA! Fun(d) grant. These books include a holistic view on climate change that addresses the topic through scientific, social, historical, and economic lenses.

Through this climate justice book drive, Rochester high schools will receive the educational resources to progress the development of creating well-informed, inquisitive students. It’s time for students to get the chance to learn more about the climate crisis in our provided educational settings.

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