XIUHTEZCATL: Band Together Musician Spotlight

Xiuhtezcatl is a 19-year-old indigenous rapper and activist and our featured performer for Band Together on November 16th. Get your tickets now! Plus, check out his latest single

Climate Generation (CG): Why is climate action important to you?

Xiuhtezcatl (X): The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. Fighting for climate justice is about much more than protecting the environment, or moving away from fossil fuels. The systemic change we must implement to avert the worst of the coming climate chaos will force us to reevaluate everything about how our society functions; from our food systems, to our education system, to our transportation and energy systems. The moment humanity faces is an opportunity for re-imagination of how our world can function with justice, equality, and a regenerative relationship with the earth at the forefront.


CG: What’s your motivation to perform at Band Together?

X: I believe that using music to bring people together around these critical issues in a celebratory energy is what our movements are missing. I’m grateful for the platform to combine my work as an artist and a climate activist.


CG: How have you experienced climate change in your life?

X: Growing up in Colorado, I’ve seen how wildfires and pine beetle kill that are exacerbated by a warming planet have destroyed the forests I’ve grown up with. Many places I’ve been visiting my entire life have been destroyed from more frequent and severe wildfires that hit Colorado every summer. I have close friends who have lost their homes and all their possessions to these forest fires, and the threat continues to grow every year.


CG: To create a better world, we must first imagine ourselves there. What does your better future look like? 

X: I envision a future where I can freely create, travel, and be with community and friends without the weight of an uncertain future on my shoulders at all times. I believe in the ability to create a future where people can be free of much of the suffering in the world today, and the abundance that the earth offers us is equally shared amongst us all.


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