Your Window Into Marrakech: We Will Move Ahead

On Friday, COP22 concluded, and the image that remains emblazoned in our minds is the gathering of civil society, governments, and activists who rallied around a bold message: We Will Move Ahead. Given the whirlwind created at the conference by the U.S. election results, this message is a strong sign of the continued resolve and resilience of the international climate community, which has shown itself to be steadfast in continuing the path forward created by the Paris Agreement.

The COP22 negotiations produced the Marrakech Action Proclamation, which touted “irreversible momentum on climate” while calling for much greater ambition. The commitment to implementing the Paris Agreement remains firm, despite new uncertainty as to the future actions of the U.S. For their part, U.S. representatives did all they could to show the world that sub-national actors would continue our path towards decarbonization. And regardless of what the President-elect decides to do on climate policy, other countries made clear that they were not willing to let one country stand in the way of global progress towards a climate-resilient future. The Climate Vulnerable Forum, a group of 47 countries that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, showed they were willing to lead by example with their declaration to work towards a goal of 100% renewable energy by mid-century. The realization of their “Marrakech Vision” will be critical for safeguarding their countries and preserving a livable planet for us all. For a visual recap of COP22, check out the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s wrap up video.

Another noteworthy outcome of COP22 is the creation of the ECONGO group – a coalition of Education, Communication and Outreach NGOs. Johanna from our delegation was involved in several ECONGO events, including their first press conference. Continued coordination of international nonprofits dedicated to climate change communication and education will be critical in creating the climate literacy citizenry that we need. The statements compiled in the U.S. Climate Action Network (USCAN)’s press release reflect the sentiments of several U.S. nonprofits regarding the outcomes of COP22.

Climate Generation Delegation Blogs

Watch the recap video created by Johanna that highlights the experiences of our delegation in Marrakech!

Siiri Bigalke
Climate Activist Profile: Nouhad Awwad, Lebanon
COP22: Looking Back and Forging Ahead (also published in The Huffington Post)

While I will continue to uphold the importance of international climate summits, I put my faith in the work of the global climate justice movement – the real change-makers of our society.

Johanna Bozuwa
United in the Commitment to Change (also published in The Huffington Post)

We have more reason than ever to let our differences divide us. But instead, let’s make our differences strengthen this movement.  

Isabel Watson
Taking Things into Our Own Hands (also published in The Huffington Post)

Climate justice has to happen one way or another if we want to survive and protect our earth and communities; the inaction and slow pace of discussions internationally do not change that reality.

Craig Johnson
No One Mentioned Giving Up (also published in The Huffington Post)

The collective affirmation embodied in the Marrakech Action Proclamation shows the world that the Paris Agreement is durable enough to take a blow, and helps build both confidence between countries and confidence in the market signals the Paris agreement provides.


You can watch the recording from the Thursday, November 10 webinar with members of Climate Generation’s delegation here.

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