Your Window Into Marrakech: Looking Ahead to COP22

Our intergenerational delegation shares what they’re looking forward to at COP22, and the significance of these negotiations for them.

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The stage is now set for COP22 to take place from November 7-18 in Marrakech, Morocco. Today, the Paris Agreement forged at COP21 officially enters into force – one month after it crossed the ratification threshold of at least 55 countries representing 55% of global emissions signing on. COP22 will be a critical conference for countries to continue the the work of securing a stable, resilient climate future, and it now represents the first opportunity to turn the words and pledges of the Paris Agreement into action. Don’t miss a beat – sign up for our updates here!

A few key issues and challenges to look out for in Marrakech include:

  • Will countries take steps towards increasing the ambition of their emissions reduction pledges?
  • What mechanisms will be established to ensure that countries are sharing the effort equitably?
  • At the negotiations, governments are expected to launch ambitious new efforts to support the clean energy transition, through funding, new projects, and other initiatives.
  • Countries will need to create a clearer roadmap for climate financing, to ensure that they can meet the $100 billion a year pledged by 2020 to support developing countries.
  • What will the way forward towards implementing the Paris Agreement look like? Countries will have to come to consensus on rules and processes to guide that path.

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Click here to join the November 10 webinar at noon to hear our full delegation chat about COP22 4 days in.

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