Your Window into COP23 Day 5: November 10

Delegates Ellen Anderson and Leigh Currie shared how it feels to be American at COP23 during yesterday’s webcast.

Yesterday, the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion opened as a stand alone structure outside of the conference. This pavilion represents the We Are Still In initiative launched by Michael Bloomberg, in response to the Trump administration’s lack of leadership on climate change. Local elected officials, organizations, and citizens are saying it represents the true voice of America.

For the first time ever, the U.S. chose not to have an official pavilion in the Bonn Zone. These pavilions are an important part of the conference. Virtually every country has its own pavilion to showcase its national climate action. The fact that the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion stands outside of the area where every other country is located echoes how our delegation is feeling as U.S. citizens at the talks.

Our delegates have been commenting in their blogs on how isolating it feels to be American at this COP. Many delegates report that conference attendees don’t realize U.S. citizens are participating; during sessions, panelists and speakers talk as if the U.S. has already left the Agreement though we can’t legally leave until November of 2020. However, our delegates say they are grateful to be able to educate people on the multi-sector U.S. commitment to uphold the Paris Agreement.

This next week will inevitably bring tension as there is a small delegation of U.S. government representatives registered to attend COP23. They plan to push oil, coal, and natural gas – a direct contradiction to the Paris Agreement and its goals. Certain sources say delegates from Africa are calling for the U.S. representatives to get kicked out of the conference entirely.

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You can also check out student blogs from youth delegates representing the School of Environmental Studies students at COP23.


Mark your calendar for the COP23 webcasts at 12 p.m. CST throughout the experience!

November 8: Watch Espoir, Ian, and Cheryl discuss the first few days in Bonn and how it feels to be an American at the conference.

November 9: Watch Ellen Anderson and Leigh Currie discuss American presence at COP23 and what they plan to do once they return to Minnesota.

November 14: Click here to join the CLEAN (Climate Literacy) Network webinar featuring John and Adri.

November 15: Click here to join Minority Leader Melissa Hortman’s webinar on the presence of local U.S. government and leadership in Bonn.

November 16: Click here to join Aurora’s webinar as she discusses the role of Indigenous leaders and her climate action experience in Bonn.

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