Will Steger Testifies Before the MN Legislature

willsenate.jpgOn Tuesday January 30th, a historic event took place at the Minnesota State Capitol. Will Steger testified in the House Chambers before eight joint House and Senate committees — over 100 legislators — about the need to take action now on global warming.

The audience was captivated as Steger spoke about the impacts global warming is having on the Arctic wildlife and human communities, in particular the polar bear and on the Inuit. When he was finished speaking, he received a standing ovation.

“We have to act on this,” Steger said. “The populace is demanding it and wants action. This is for anyone who is an elected official now, it’s a golden opportunity for us to take some action on this.” He shared a list of cities in Minnesota he has given his Eyewitness to Global Warming community forum – emphasizing the breadth of interest across the board from Minnesotans. He concluded with quotations from the Inuit living across the Canadian Arctic. As policy makers concluded the session, they emphasized the role they have as leaders to take bold, aggressive action. They stated their conviction that the opportunity for change is not undaunting and we have solutions before us.


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