Why We Do This Work

Will Steger Foundation Board and Staff

The Will Steger Foundation team shares why we do this work:

I do this work because how we train our next generation of clean energy activists, climate scientists, and green technology innovators is more important than anything I can accomplish as an individual.

I do this work because educating results in understanding, and knowledge is a powerful tool to create change.

This work for me answers the question of what I am giving to this world; I believe the most important work I can be doing is helping youth make a difference.

We as a generation have a great responsibility andopportunity before us. I believe we are in one of the most exciting times in the history of the world for creating new scientific and social innovations.

Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time and I cannot think of a more important reason to go to work everyday than to engage people in solutions.

You have to speak for the environment and not just love it.

Thank you for making our work possible!

Please join us by making a gift to the Will Steger Foundation today so that we can continue to educate and empower people to engage in solutions to climate change!



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