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Will Steger and WSF staff recently visited Proctor Middle School to learn how they are using Minnesota’s Changing Climate. Read about Will’s school visit in the coniferous biome.

Proctor Middle School students journal outside Kristen Poppleton
Proctor Middle School students journal outside Kristen Poppleton takes students outside

Green Minnesota Schools!  Apply to be recognized as a National Green Ribbon School! To be considered for the program, a school will have achieved or made considerable progress toward the three pillars established in the program: 1) energy efficient buildings; 2) healthy students and school environment; and 3) environmental literacy of all graduates.  The combined achievement in these three areas will be the basis for the Green Ribbon Schools award.The application for the Green Ribbon Schools program is located here. Applications must be submitted to by February 22, 2012.

Save the Date to Investigate Minnesota’s Changing Climate at the 7th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

The Summer Institute will take place August 7 and 8, 2012, and the application will be available online by the end of January. The first 10 classroom teachers to register will receive an Explore Minnesota’s Biomes Kit. Contact Ann Benson, ann@willstegerfoundation.org with any questions.

This week the National Center for Science Education launched a new climate change education initiative. Long respected for its work in defending and supporting the teaching of evolution in the public schools, in 2012 NCSE launched this new initiative to defend and support the teaching of climate change. Read More

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders on WillStegerFoundation.org!

MWPS KystoneRally211After much anticipation WSF is excited to unveil new online Emerging Leaders Program content. Updates include a cleaner overview of program scope and vision, quick links to our vibrant youth partners state by state, and a revised YEA! MN landing page (still in progress) including an events calendar, student blogs, video, links to action projects and more. Check it out!

Midwest Power Shift Video

We encourage you to watch this high-energy video from Midwest Power Shift, filmed by WSF’s own Policy Intern, Christy Newell, and edited by Media Director, Jerry Stenger. Over 500 youth converged in Cleveland Ohio, for a massive youth climate summit and non-violent direct action.

Powershift Video

YEA! MN in the New Year

YEA! MnWith excellent program leadership from Joe Kruse, YEA! MN Coordinator, and generous financial support from the Center for Energy and the Environment, our Youth Environmental Activists Minnesota program is growing leaps and bounds. Upcoming highlights for the 2012 winter/spring season include exciting collaboration with the Minnesota Energy Challenge, increased support for student-led action projects on energy efficiency and community-based climate solutions, student leadership at the state Capitol through a shared lobby day with MPIRG (Feb 20th), and the 2012 Green School Youth Summit to be held in early May (date TBA). New funding has also allowed us to take on YEA! MN as a core WSF program, and we thank our dear friends and co-founders, the Alliance for Sustainability (AFORS) for their long-standing support.  While no longer a co-sponsor, AFORS will continue to engage with the program as a core partner. Follow YEA! MN on the WSF website and Facebook.

RE-AMP Youth Engagement

REAMPWSF continues to work closely with the RE-AMP network to support Midwest youth engagement on clean energy, energy efficiency, transportation, and support their campaigns to take on big polluters across the region. We were proud to successfully engage seven leading Midwest youth climate organizations in RE-AMP funding opportunities and are excited to watch these vibrant initiatives grow in 2012. WSF has also been a key ally in launching a Midwest Youth Climate Coalition with leadership from six Midwestern states, committed to fostering strategic collaboration across the region on clean economy initiatives, dirty energy campaigns, and political engagement in 2012 and beyond. Follow our youth blogs on www.willstegerfoundation.org.

In The News

Steger Talks Travel and Climate Change – WDIO-TV


People gathered at Duluth’s Zeitgeist Arts Café to hear more about Steger’s 45 years of experience exploring in the Arctic. He said much of the polar regions are unseen by the public, so his goal is to show them the changes being caused by global warming, and how they’re affecting us here at home.

Read More

After Dog Sledding Across Poles, Steger Tells of Ice Melting

Northland NewsWill Steger has climbed mountains, traversed the Mississippi and dog sledded across Antarctica, but his message to Duluthians Wednesday was not about what he has done, but what he has seen. Steger spoke tonight about his 40 years of travel at the poles and his eyewitness account of melting ice.

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A Night with Will Steger

Loll DesignsLoll hosted a presentation with Polar Explorer, Will Steger, last night. Over 80 people came to hear about Will’s adventures along with how his foundation is combating and creating awareness about global climate change. Loll Designs proudly donates 1% of their gross sales to help aid his campaign.

Read More

Polar Explorer Makes a Stop in Duluth

FoxTV NewsWill Steger stopped at Teatro Zuccone Theater to discuss how his foundation is combating climate change along with taking questions.

Read More

Bringing the North to Minnesota

Canadian ConsulateWhile the snowy Arctic may seem to be a long way from the American Midwest, the “North Star” state of Minnesota has a rich tradition of polar exploration, as well as Arctic scientific and educational work. The Arctic is a region in which Canadians and Americans frequently collaborate, and the engaging discussions at a recent symposium brought the topic home for the many Minnesotans in attendance.

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Arctic Explorer Steger Treks to Warn about Climate Change

Columbia County ObserverArctic explorer Will Steger is parking his dogsled to speak out across the country about the threat of climate change – and he says there’s no mistaking what he’s seen on his many journeys…

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Explore the EPA’s new greenhouse gas data tool in this interactive map. You can zoom in on your area to see where the emissions come from near you, or scan around for the worst offenders. This map covers facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons or more of GHGs every year, so it does not show the sources of all of the country’s emissions. However, this tool shows more than half of the United States’ GHGs.

Greenhouse Map

Photo of the Month

Will Steger visits with Proctor Middle School students
Will Steger visits with Proctor Middle School students and joins Mrs. Moore’s
8th grade Earth Science class during their regular outdoor time
to document changes in their schoolyard.


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