Walk-outs and sit-ins urge change.


Demonstrators walk out to join people’s forum outside the Bella Center. – (photo by Daygot Leeyos)

As thousands marched towards the Bella Center this morning, hundreds inside marched out.

These actions were sparked by a combination of two things:

  1. limited access to NGO’s (non-governmental organizations)
  2. 2. stagnant negotiations between Annex I (developed) countries and G77 (developing) countries.

The world’s media are representing these actions with a variety of headlines. The majority of western (primarily Annex I) countries are telling the stories more from the perspective of the police and their reactions, i.e. Danish Police Brace for Protests and Danish Police Use Tear Gas against Climate Protestors.

In contrast, many developing nations’ media speak to the less hostile action, i.e. Climate Talks Tense After Walk Out.

There are currently about a dozen youth (at least) sitting in or caring for those sitting in at the Bella Center. Stay up-to-date on their stories here.

With people walking out of, sitting in and walking many miles in the streets towards the Bella Center amidst police questioning and brutality, it’s difficult to tell what action(s) in the city have the ability to make a significant difference on the negotiatiors’ positions while also making political change back home.


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