US Businesses Benefit from Sustainibility

Today’s highlight was learning about how American businesses are benefitting from sustainable practices, including actions to address climate change. We had the privilege of meeting with Best Buy’s VP for Sustainability, Laura Bishop, in the Green Zone at Le Bourget. By signing the¬†American Business Act On Climate Pledge,¬†companies including Best Buy are:

  • Voicing support for a strong Paris outcome. The pledge recognizes those countries that have already put forward climate targets, and voices support for a strong outcome in the Paris climate negotiations.
  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to climate action. As part of this initiative, each company is announcing significant pledges to reduce their emissions, increase low-carbon investments, deploy more clean energy, and take other actions to build more sustainable businesses and tackle climate change.

Minnesota companies who are leading the way include Best Buy, Target, Cargill, and General Mills.

Included here is a video outlining specific actions on the part of Best Buy and how the company has benefitted from taking action to improve their energy efficiency, among other steps.

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