Trail Dispatch – Students in Iglulik say

iglulik-sign-2.jpgTemperature: 10 °F/ -12 °C
Wind: 9 MPH/ 15 KPH
Cloud Cover: Clear blue skies
Sunrise: 2:46 a.m.
Sunset: 12:08 a.m.


The schools in Iglulik, Nunavut are full of life and energy. The walls are decorated with student artwork, bright posters, and historic photos from the community. Sprinkled throughout both schools are handmade signs welcoming the Global Warming 101 Expedition Team back home. While Iglulik isn’t home for all of us, the warm welcome we continue to experience makes it feel like it could be. Students greet us with smiles and waves at every turn.

The team came together for one last hurrah this morning to share our experiences with the elementary and high school students in town. Both schools have been actively following the expedition online and students were excited to hear our stories. They were also excited to see the first official screening (fresh from Jerry’s computer) of the video from our arrival into Iglulik.

iglulik-sign-8.jpgStudents shrieked and applauded as they saw themselves or people they recognized on film. The pride was palpable during both presentations, in both the students and our Inuit team members, as Simon, Lukie, and Theo spoke in front of the crowd. While we all felt like stars in front of our young fans, it is clearly these three men who are the real heroes in the eyes of their community (and rightly so!).

The students did a beautiful job decorating the gym for our arrival. Their posters and artwork make a strong statement about their commitment to fight global warming. We thought we would pass their message on to you, in hopes that you might be inspired by their work as well. We hope that people all over the world will heed the message from the young people of the Arctic: “Respect our earth!”

We said goodbye to Will this morning, who is headed to Iqaluit before flying home to the Cities. We will join him there tomorrow evening. Tomorrow will be a busy day as we tie up loose ends, pack up and prepare to leave. I don’t think our departure will feel real, however, until we find ourselves high above the open ocean, headed south.

Stay tuned for our final dispatch…


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