Trail Dispatch – Quluaq School Plans for Earth Day

willtalk_Sm.jpgTemperature: 14 °F/ -10 °C
Wind: 14 MPH/ 22 KPH
Cloud Cover: Low clouds and blowing snow

The weather stormed and blew outside, but inside Quluaq School we were warm and dry. Students in grades 3-12 gathered to hear stories and film from our expedition and learn more about global warming.


While Elizabeth and I opened and closed the presentation, Theo, Simon and Lukie rose to the occasion, describing the mission of the expedition from the Inuit perspective. The three addressed the students in Inuktitut, describing some of the changes they had observed in our travels so far and the implications these changes have for traditional Inuit culture. They also talked of the joys and challenges of travel on the land, and the thrill of running a dog team in traditional Inuit fashion. Will shared stories from his travels in the polar regions and talked about the power of the Inuit voice to effect environmental policy in the U.S, and worldwide.

Quluaq School teachers and staff are planning an exciting series of events for Earth Day, to be celebrated in Clyde River on Monday, April 23rd. Ideas for the day include environmental games, poetry for the earth and 101 things Clyde River kids can do to slow global warming. Quluaq students are also invited to make a statement on global warming in the form of an art piece, to be presented by Will Steger and Theo Ikumaaq to the U.S. Senate in June 2007.

banner_Sm.jpgIn the lobby of the brightly lit school hung a beautiful welcome sign from the students, reading “Clyde River Says Thanks for Caring About Our Earth.” The expedition team would like to thank the students of Clyde River for their warm welcome and concern for the environment. We are inspired by their participation in Earth Day and hope that their commitment inspires classrooms around the world to do the same!

We encourage our online audience to share their Earth Day stories on the GW101 online forum.



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