Trail Dispatch – Husky Highlight: Sonny

nancy_sonny.jpgCoordinates: 64. 06.848 N, 68.17.855 W
Distance Traveled: 16 mi/ 25 km

-9 °F/ -23 °C
Wind: 27 MPH / 43 KPH
Cloud Cover: Mostly sunny with high cirrus clouds.


Anyone who has every owned a dog knows that each one is unique. Out here on trail, we have a total of 43 dogs, each one with their own distinct personality and particular place on the team. Over the course of our expedition, we hope to highlight some of our dogs for you so that you feel as attached to them as we do!

It is easy to appreciate the skills of a good lead dog, as a good leader is hard to find. But there are other positions on the team that are also important. Sometimes leadership comes from the back of the team, instead of the front. Sonny, running in wheel with his good buddy Carlos, is a great example of this kind of leadership. The minute his harness comes out, he is ready to go. So ready, in fact, that getting him from the dog tie-out to the gangline can be a challenge (you better have a good grip on his collar!). On the run, Sonny is all business. Head tucked low, he is strong and steady. On the uphill he keeps the momentum going, breaking the inertia of the sled with jumps and lunges. Shy when you first meet him, he soon warms up to anyone with affection to share. He is warm and strong hearted and gets along well with other dogs on the team.

We traveled a good ways today, over hilly terrain, and made good time. We would like to thank Sonny and the rest of our teams for their hard work and enthusiasm!


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