Trail Dispatch – Arrival in Pangnirtung

abby_nancy.jpg Coordinates: 66.08.795 N, 65.38.324 W
Temperature: -20
°F/ -29 °C
Wind: 5 MPH/ 8 KPH
Cloud Cover: Clear skies

Sunrise: 6:02 a.m.
Sunset: 5:04 p.m.


We knew we were getting close to town when we reached a virtual highway of snowmobile tracks. Still, it was another two hours before we saw any sign of civilization. The hills grew in size around us until they became mountains, rising out of the bay on both sides. In the far distance we could detect a slight glinting in the rocks. Slowly but surely over the next several miles, the glinting became a town.

Rounding the last bend we were met by our first band of villagers, waving and shouting encouragement. Snowmobiles began to whiz out to greet us, slowing down as they passed to take pictures. Trucks filled with friendly faces drove out to meet us. It seemed like the entire town of Pangnirtung had come out to welcome us in. As we pulled in to the village a large group gathered on the ice. We were greeted with warm handshakes, hugs and pats on the back by people of all ages. A small group of children gathered around our sled riding with us from the ice to the dog yard.

We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome! It is blessing enough to sleep in a warm house, use a flush toilet, take a hot shower, and wash our hands in running water. The kindness and warmth we experienced today was above and beyond what any of us expected, making our arrival here that much sweeter. We indulged ourselves in burgers and fries from Granny’s Kitchen this evening, and are settling into our new home for the week. All is well.

The team is experiencing connectivity issues in Pangnirtung and posts to the website will be delayed. Everyone is doing well and preparations for Saturday’s departure are going well. Thanks to everyone in Pangnirtung for their hospitality and for the support of friends back home.






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