To the COP15 Delegation

Here are a few excerpts of some great position statements I have received. These great ideas will send a clear message to the COP15 delegate: we are ready for some action!

If the government invests money in funding energy-saving projects and programs to help citizens understand global warming and what they can do about it, the earth will be stable again and we can go about our lives, knowing that we have saved ourselves from a terrible fate…Fixing climate change will change the way we think and live, but if we just grit our teeth and dive in, we will be proud of battling a force that rules our lives, and winning, doing what had to be done.” -Madeline, 8th grade, St. Paul

“Now, it’s not just the moose, or the polar bears, the walruses or the whales that we’re trying to save. Us humans are in this too. Changing weather can increase both the frequency and size of hurricanes and other storms, developing storms more powerful than Hurricane Katrina, putting thousands of homes and lives at risk…we should at least establish benchmarks for reducing CO2 levels, perhaps reducing by 20% or so by 2020, or perhaps we could establish a new agreement for global participation for lowering greenhouse gas emission starting now, getting every country, every person, to play a small part in doing something simple to reduce our emissions.” -Aaron

“Only stabilizing the emission will not be enough when it gets to 2050 because ice caps are already melting, and polar bears are already having troubles finding places to live, if we only stabilize the emission, it will already be too late for the polar bears, and costal places will already be flooded…When our world is building millions of new carbon-producing technologies- why can’t we work on producing more carbon reducing technologies?” -Maddy, St. Paul

“The first thing the conference should do is to get all nations committed. Developed and developing countries need to be engaged.” -Lineas, 8th grade, St. Paul


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