The wolf pack

howling wolfPosition: N 79° 56′ W 085° 23′
Expedition Day: 59

This has been the day of my life. I am sitting in my tent with a big smile on my face. It has been a beautiful day from the start of. We ate lunch with the crew at the station before picking up some more dog food and travelling on. We camped at a nice spot as usual and while setting up the tents we all of a sudden saw one wolf, two wolves, three, four…….11 wolves right in our camp. Raven was running loose and was really close to one of the wolves. They where extremely curious and came as close as just a couple of meters from our dogs. We had to chase some of them away when they came a little too close to the dogs.

There was no aggressive attitude on the wolves and when we told them to back off a bit they did. We just ran towards them telling that they were a little too close. After sniffing around our camp site, they trotted down our trail.

It looked to me like there was at least 4 yearlings in the pack. I assume that the alpha female is denning right now, and will in some weeks show up with her new puppies of the season.

I am sleeping outside tonight with the camera ready, I have a feeling that they will be back.

Amazing to see the white wolf in their territory.





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