The racoon looking thing named Ichebaun

ichebaunN 80° 21′ W 088° 41′

I can’t believe we have only ten days left until we head back to the real world. We have all been trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the circus that awaits us when we leave the ice but are also trying not to think about the end too much and are enjoying the time we have left.

Today I would like to give you a brief insight to one of our dogs. He is what I like to call ‘The racoon looking thing named Ichebaun’. From the beginning of the expedition he stood out amongst the rest. Not for his sled dog skills but for being the worst sled dog known to man. For the first two weeks he tried running backwards and it was a constant effort to get him to do what you needed. It was a love hate relationship as he is also a very lovable friendly dog. I would have bet my life that he would never pull through and learn the ropes but he has. Over the expedition he has started pulling consistantly, made a few friends and even learned to untangle himself . It is so nice to see all the dogs progress over the time on the ice. Better fitness and behavior and they are all enjoying it. Every day I realise more and more that these dogs are born to run and love it. There is something incredible about travelling with animals. The relationship formed is like none other I have experienced. A mutual respect. I hope I travel by dog team again someday.


It’s a short one for me tonight. Some sled fixing to do tonight. Until next time keep checking out our progress.

All the best, Falcon (Sam) …




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