The future is today!

“The future is today!” was the refrain shared so many times during the COP24 conference these past couple days.

As the global community works toward further reducing carbon emissions across all sectors, that was the key theme reiterated throughout many sessions. Each sector is called upon to do their part, from government to businesses, investors, communities, and citizens. There is much work ahead.

Banner for World Climate SummitFor U.S. businesses it will be key to realize the implications of the Paris rulebook agreements made during COP24. It was intriguing to hear how negotiators spend their time during COP reviewing all requested amendments, often times negotiating over a sentence or word, working to find a compromise that addresses needs of all Parties.

The request to unite around the three “P’s” was the final thought shared during the closing session at the World Climate Conference. All sectors were called up to unite around Purpose, Priorities, and Performance.

Thank you to Climate Generation for this fantastic opportunity to observe, learn, and connect with other business leaders.

While in Katowice, the COP24 Climate Generation crew had a chance to meet for dinner at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and enjoy local vegetarian dishes and some amazing coffee. Thanks to Askov Finlayson for the fun hats!

Vegetarian meal on plate

Delegation wearing North hats

Coffee making at Botanika restaurant

Alissa at the train stationI am leaving COP24 hopeful that as a business community – and a global community – there will continue to be great ambition and urgency to work across sectors with the aim to further reduce carbon emissions.

The future is today!

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