The Best of Copenhagen & UNFCCC

Exped CopWith negotiations well underway here in Copenhagen, it’s time to do a recap of some of the many events that have happened thus far. How better to do that than through a short photo-essay? Please enjoy the following, and for more photos check out our Will Steger Foundation flickr site.

Here’s a look at our delegation- On the 5th and 6th we attended the Conference of Youth with youth representing over 100 countries. Thanks to WildThings for the coats –we’ve received a lot of good feedback for wearing them as it adds a more official and professional look to our delegation.

During the conference, I was able to attend a presentation by National Geographic photographer James Balog. He combines the best of science and art by recording photographs as time-lapse images from cameras positioned into glacial regions around the world. Through the photographs, a documentary of glacial melt can be observed, thus following the detriments of climate change in the most vulnerable areas. Check out his website to see his latest research project.

At the recent US EPA briefing, youth packed the room to take up 3/4 of the available space– from the very front rows to way in the back. Over 500 US youth are here to show their support for climate change solutions and ask their representatives to do the same. During the briefing, 5 of the 9 questions asked were from youth. We are showing the US delegation that we care about our future and want the US to take a strong stand in these negotiations.

Just last night, the US youth gathered for dinner and discussion with Chinese youth to come up with a strong proposal for climate solutions between our two countries. Last night was a great start in building lasting, significant relationships that will continue after COP15 when we continue to work for change within our own countries. This only skims the surface of all the things that have been occurring at COP15. Stay tuned for more; in the meantime check out this videoto get a better idea of a day in the life of a youth delegate!



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