Take action this #ClimateWeek!

The next two weeks are BIG for climate change, in the media and across the world.

#ClimateWeek begins in New York City on September 23rd, with the U.N. Climate Summit kicking off events focusing on different impacts and solutions.

Plus, #CoveringClimateNow has started today  – a week-long initiative where over 250 news outlets have committed to cover climate change. Keep an eye on your local media, and take to social media to both congratulate and ask for more content like it! We have a powerful role in communicating that climate change is something we want to see beyond this week.

We figured you might want to plug in and take action. Plus, here at Climate Generation, every week is Climate Week, so we’re going to keep the solutions opportunities rolling. You can get involved from anywhere.

Check out our list of action opportunities for the week of September 23rd-27th.

September 23 – MONDAY 

Action: Eat for Climate 

The University of Chicago recently stated that if every American ate one less meat meal per week, it would be the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the roads annually. Participate in #MeatlessMonday, or better yet, go meatless for the entire week! Ask a friend, coworker, or family member to join you in this challenge and share why you’re doing it.

Eating local is another food solution – carbon emissions associated with transportation, processing, packaging, and distribution of food add up to a massive carbon footprint. Find a farm-to-table restaurant in your neighborhood!

We blogged about our Dine for Climate series and the connection between food and climate earlier this year.

Learn More 

September 24 – TUESDAY

Action: Bike, Bus, or Carpool to Work

Did you know that the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.? The burning of fossil fuels to power our cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes is something we all have the power to affect with our individual choices.

Take an alternative method today to work or school to reduce your own footprint and share with others why you’re making the change.

September 25 – WEDNESDAY

(Double) Action: Talk Climate with your network + decision makers

The most important thing we can do for climate change is talk about it, to shift public opinion and normalize the conversation. We encourage you to have at least one conversation today with people in your network about climate change. Want to keep the momentum going? Commit to having a conversation with your decision maker. If you need some inspiration, check out our tip sheet on writing a letter to your legislator.

Don’t forget to thank media for covering climate change during #CoveringClimateNow, as well.


Thank you @[insert participating media] for covering the #ClimateCrisis! Giving this issue the attention it deserves to all kinds of audiences is a big step toward involving everyone in solutions. #CoveringClimateNow

Plus, we’re launching our new Talk Climate Digest on Wednesday! This quarterly email newsletter will give you tips on how to #TalkClimate, featured climate stories from local and global communities, and moments of inspiration. Subscribe now to receive the first one on the 25th.

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September 26 – THURSDAY

Action: Consider Your Purchasing Choices 

We know that our brains aren’t naturally wired to worry about the future and climate change impacts all of the time. But, we know there are consequences to our actions and consumption habits. For example, many single-use packaging items contain toxins that leach into food and water. Plastic pollution in our waterways is becoming more difficult to clean up and more hazardous to wildlife, fresh drinking water, ecosystems, and our bodies. There is an incredible power in voting with our dollars and our values.

Consider going zero waste today and researching how you can incorporate zero waste products into your life. Try not to produce any trash that isn’t recyclable or compostable (and if you do, keep it all in a jar to keep tabs on the waste you produce in one day). Check out our resources on getting started with going zero waste.

In the Twin Cities? Join us at the Patagonia store in St. Paul (1648 Grand Ave) for #ClimateWeek from 5-7 p.m. to discover other great organizations working on climate change in Minnesota. 

September 27 – FRIDAY

Action: Donate to support our work

Our collective efforts make a difference, and here at Climate Generation, we’re supporting communities, educators, and youth to take action and lead on addressing climate change. Consider investing in the work we do in Minnesota and beyond to further our vision of a resilient future with equitable solutions to climate change. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Even though that’s the end of the official #ClimateWeek, the action doesn’t stop there.

Jump into community and action at the following upcoming events:

September 28th  Educator Workshop: New Science Standards and Climate Change (Minnesota)
Where: Richardson Nature Center, Bloomington, MN

Minnesota has new state science standards, and we want to equip middle and high school teachers with the tools and resources to bring these core ideas to life in the classroom:

  • Climate change causes
  • American Indian contributions to investigating phenomena
  • Energy and engineering solutions

September 28thGichi-gami Gathering to Stop Line 3 (Minnesota) 
Where: Gichi-Ode’ Akiing Park, Duluth, MN

Join us for a rally, march, and gathering to join in community and send a clear message to the Governor, our state agencies, and our elected representatives: Minnesotans stand together to protect what we love and say STOP Line 3 and other pipelines that threaten our water, climate, and communities.

October 1st Climate Storytelling Workshop 
Where: Anywhere; virtual event

Our team will lead you through prompts and jouraling to uncover your experience with climate change and how it is impacting you and your community. Write out your personal climate story and use it as a tool for action. All ages, backgrounds, and experiences welcome!


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