Investment in Youth is an Investment in a Clean and Just Energy Future

“ The rights and decision-making capabilities of young people often remain unrecognized, and their potential as a valuable resource is seldom realized.” – United Nations World Youth Report, 2010 WSF Intern, Kaya Lovestrand, and Will Steger at the WSF office in Minneapolis All of my work with the Will Steger Foundation has been leading up […]

Key Ingredients For Successful Youth Engagement

Before knowing how to engage youth, it’s important to point out the real need for it. It’s true that if you are or have been involved with a program that emphasizes youth it seems like they’re everywhere, but the truth is that most youth today don’t feel like they’re being reached out to. Governments, non-profits, […]

Millennials: Realizing Our Generational Potential

While here at the Will Steger Foundation, I’ll be spending most of my time researching youth engagement – why should we invest in youth? What’s their impact? How do you successfully engage them? This research will help provide a backdrop to the Will Steger Foundation’s mission and goals and inform the future of the Emerging […]