Look Out America, Here Comes the Midwest

There’s something unique about the Midwest. Of course, every geographic region of the country has its own style, its own vibe, its own culture to be proud of.  But as a born and raised Midwesterner, it’s always seemed to me that the Midwest is basically begging to become the hub of a new, sustainable future […]

Will Steger and Student Leaders meet with Governor Dayton in defense of Next Generation Energy Act

Student environmental leaders from across the Twin Cities teamed up with arctic explorer and climate change educator Will Steger on Friday, March 25, to encourage Minnesota governor Mark Dayton to support a clean energy future for Minnesota. Groups represented at the meeting include EcoWatch, Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG), YEA! Minnesota, The Will Steger Foundation, Campus Beyond […]

Youth Launch Summer of Solutions Across the Nation

The power of the Millennial generation is not that we have Facebook or that we know how to use it. It’s that growing up in a networked world is allowing us to imagine and equipping us to implement people-oriented coordination of real-world action at a massive scale. At the center of this story is that […]