On Our Way to COP23

Minnesota, my home state, has traditionally had four well-defined seasons: a short but beautiful spring, a hot and stormy summer, an autumn with picturesque trees turning red and gold under crisp blue skies, and a slide into a long, frigid, snowy winter. Minnesotans embrace the outdoors – boating and fishing on summer lakes and rivers […]

Ready for Bonn and COP23!

I’m getting both excited and nervous about COP23 in Bonn. At COP21 in Paris in 2015, there was huge suspense over whether the world would finally come together and commit to global climate action. When the deal was reached in overtime, the attendees were elated. It was a thrill to be there; strangers were crying […]

Preview of COP23 – UN Climate Change Conference 2017

It’s an honor to attend COP23 in Bonn, Germany as a member of the University of Minnesota’s official delegation and as a member of the multi-sector Climate Generation delegation. At the University, we have official “observer” status for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCCC, as a research institution. This means we […]

The Road to Bonn

For two and a half weeks, I have been collecting all the trash I generate to the best of my abilities. It has been eye opening to keep the trash outside my room, and then carry it around with me until I return. I was inspired by a friend here at Dickinson College after watching […]

First of all ~

I’m starting to pack and gather. I fly in ten days. Feels like a mission. Emails piling in with updates, information, events, confirmations, yet-to-dos, and the excitement and many high emotions start to roll. I’m so excited with so many people heading out and already landing in airports and making headway, posting pictures, and preparing […]

Lt. Governor Sends Off Minnesota COP23 Delegates

The 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) kicks off next week, bringing nations of the world together to continue their work on strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change. The conference will focus on strategizing and solidifying how participating countries will implement the Paris Agreement. Climate Generation is sending […]