Will Steger Visits Hawley, MN

Last week, Will Steger visited Hawley Elementary and Hawley High School to speak with students about his adventures and what the Hawley students have been learning about climate change. First, he met with a third grade class that has been participating in our Minnesota’s Changing Climate project. The students were all very excited to meet […]

Will Steger in the Coniferous Biome

Will made a visit to Proctor during the first week of January to speak to the students of Jedlicka Middle School and Proctor High School and to hear from Leah Moore’s eighth grade students.  After his presentation students asked him questions that ranged from “What is the coolest thing you saw in the Arctic?,” to “What […]

Will Steger Visits Middle School and High School Students

On November 18, Will Steger’s second day of school visits started at Roseville Area Middle School where Will gave presentations on his experiences in the Arctic and the impacts of climate change to two groups of eighth graders. Since Roseville Area Middle School is a participant in the Parks Climate Challenge program, each presentation began […]

Students Get Outside With Will Steger

On November 10, Will Steger visited two metro area schools and spoke to them about his experiences in the Arctic, the importance of observation and keeping journals and the effects of climate change. The first visit was to Crosby Farm Park with middle school students from Friends School of Minnesota. Students did tree coring and […]

Arctic Solutions in Alaska

We spent our final day on our Alaska tour in Fairbanks exploring solutions to climate change. We toured the Permafrost Tunnel, originally built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to store vehicles outside of the extreme cold temperatures that define the interior of Alaska. Now, the tunnel is used primarily by engineers and arctic […]

Social Sciences Role in Climate Change

Last night after Will gave a presentation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) someone asked a very rare, but important question: What role can the social sciences play in response to climate change? This is a very important question. Of course, earth, atmospheric, and climate science are all important to our understanding of global […]

From Anchorage to Fairbanks

Will and I had a successful day in Anchorage; we met with Alaska Public Radio Network and he gave two public presentations thanks to the support of our local partners, the National Wildlife Federation, Catholic Social Services, and Repower Alaska. (Listen to the audio on Alaska Public Radio Network (Listen Here MP3). ¬†Alaskans signed postcards […]