Expedition Into The Archive: Greenland Expedition 1988

Kristen’s previous post about the benefits of spending time outside brought to mind a beautiful passage that I discovered in Will’s journal from the end of his 1988 Greenland Expedition. Will reflects on the benefits of nature and how his time in the wilderness has shaped his outlook: “Pure air, water and silence are to […]

Expedition Into The Archive: Will’s Trans-Antarctic Journal

This week Will Steger and his entire international team will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Trans-Antarctica Expedition. This photo shows one of Will’s journals from the expedition, which contains logs of his daily experiences over the course of his journey across Antarctica. As I have been cataloguing the archives from this expedition, I […]

Out of the vault: Will Steger’s archives

Recent funding from the Minnesota Historical Society has enabled us to begin organizing Will’s vast archives. This project will be helpful as we develop our new curriculum focused on Minnesota’s Changing Climate that integrates items from Will’s archives. Over the next few months as we dive into the archives I will be sharing some of […]