Half of my time at the COP23 negotiations has already passed. I feel like I’ve just gotten used to the chaos and nonstop action. I’m beginning to figure out where my own priorities lie and how I can best take advantage of accomplishing them while here. Today was full of meetings and starting to feel […]

Climate Change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In the 1980’s, a three pillared environmental sustainability model was developed. The three pillars were: The earth with the atmosphere, oceans, mountains, flora, fauna, etc. People, the society and cultures. Economic, energy, resources and capital. The theory was that all three pillars would overlap but remain consistently equally balanced. In the 1980’s, we were a […]

New UN Report: Youth Worldwide Freaked Out by Climate Change, Taking Action

That’s the basic conclusion of a big new report by the United Nations on the impacts of climate change on youth and how young people around the world are reacting.   Why so much attention on youth? For starters, we’re celebrating the International Year of Youth from August 2010-2011, in case you’ve missed the party.