Cleveland, Detroit, Iowa City and Minneapolis: Summer Hot Spots for Youth Climate Activism

Summer of Solutions Detroit launches their Green Energy Economy Training in the inner-city Highland Park neighborhood As summer temps soar across the Midwest so does youth climate activism as momentum grows at an exponential pace across the region. Power Shift 2011 was revealing as Midwest youth participation made up almost a quarter of the 10,000 […]

Bicycle Empowerment at Sibley Bike Depot

By Cecelia Watkins The Twin Cities Summer of Solutions program is and initiative of Grand Aspirations and focused on working in low income neighborhoods to build a green economy where it is most needed. The program is entirely youth run and committed to the principles of social entrepreneurship and anti-oppression in the course of building […]

Youth Launch Summer of Solutions Across the Nation

The power of the Millennial generation is not that we have Facebook or that we know how to use it. It’s that growing up in a networked world is allowing us to imagine and equipping us to implement people-oriented coordination of real-world action at a massive scale. At the center of this story is that […]