We Must All Start Running in This Marathon Together

Biking to school. It’s more of a mental and emotional commitment than a physical one. I live just 3.6 miles from my work, so it takes me about 20 minutes. When I found out that I would be traveling to Paris for COP21 as an Education Ambassador, I also wanted to commit to some personal […]

Why Climate Change Matters

Today was a special day. It’s not every day that your students have the chance to apply their learning in a real context outside of the school environment. In this case, 10 very proud teachers brought their students’ voices to the White House via John Holdren, the senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science […]

Youth Empowered!

Thank you, youth all over the world, for bringing your energy and positive spirit to wherever you are and also to the environmental movement. The agreement that is made here in Paris will be the blueprint by which the global community can work for climate justice all over the world. The world needs you in […]

Connecting with People in Paris

Even as I waited in line to have my passport checked at the “Contrôle de Passeports” upon my arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport, I had a chance meeting with a representative from the Department of Energy and Environment from Washington, DC. It really gave me a sense of how people are arriving from all […]