Interview with Richard Weber…

For the last thirty years, world-renowned polar explorer Richard Weber has traveled and lived in the Arctic. He has participated, led, and organized more than forty-five Arctic expeditions. His first time to the pole was on Will Steger’s 1986 expedition and he has since returned to the pole more times than anyone in history. Global […]

Interview with Simon Awa…

Simon Awa, Deputy Minister of the Environment for the territory of Nunavut, talked with Global Warming 101 expedition member Elizabeth Andre about the Inuit relationship to the land, traditional knowledge about global warming and lessons we can learn from the Inuit experience with climate change. Listen to the interview: Part One: What is the Inuit […]

Interview with Davidee Kooneeliusie

For thirty-four years Davidee Kooneeliusie has worked for Parks Canada. He regularly explores Auyuittuq National Park by foot, snowmobile and dogteam. Over his 34 years of work he has seen trails turn into rivers, glaciers recede, river ice levels drop, lake ice thickness decrease, snow levels decrease and new birds arrive. Davidee spoke with expedition […]

Will Steger – 2nd day off

Cold weather – winter returns Interviewing Outpost Camp family Eyewitness reports to climate change Hunters arrive from Pangnirtung Back on trail tomorrow – 4 days to Pangnirtung Click here to read about the testimony about global warming presented tp US Congress by an Inuit delegation led by Shelia Watts-Cloutier. Click here to listen to […]