Journey to Poland: Unrest in Paris

As I’m headed to Poland with the excitement of world engagement on climate change, I’m reminded of the economic realities of policy change with a carbon tax. From my window in the Marais area of Paris, I can see hundreds of “yellow vests” that are taking to the streets to revolt against Macron’s carbon tax […]

Country Food

For many Pangnirtung community members, more than ninety percent of their diet comes from “country food,” food that comes directly from the surrounding environment. They eat seal, char, turbot, beluga whale, walrus, bear, and caribou. In the summer they collect berries as well. Country food helps Inuit maintain their relationship to the land, their cultural […]

Arctic Char

Back at Steger’s Minnesota homestead when we were packing our expedition food, we wondered, “Will the Inuit team members want to eat oatmeal for breakfast?” We contacted Theo to ask. His reply: “I would prefer to eat char.” Arctic char, the northernmost species of freshwater fish, is a mainstay of the Inuit diet. A member […]