Action in All Its Forms

Today was a day full of action and energy. I began the day by taking part in an action where youth called out fossil fuel companies. Today was Young and Future Generations Day but also, ironically, Business Day. There were tons of actions related to natural (unnatural, really) gas, fracking, and fossil fuels in general, […]

Reflections on Environmental Justice from the YEA! MN Network Meeting

Last month, I was invited to participate in a YEA! MN meeting that convened those who wanted action and more of an understanding on the meaning of Environmental Justice. In this meeting, I shared a personal connection to the injustice I see in my community, North Minneapolis: Earlier this year, I attended the Bernie Sanders […]

Building Relationships and a Movement for Environmental Justice

Relationships are at the heart of movement building. I believe that in order to win long-term change, we need to cultivate sustaining relationships to support the long-haul work that will get us there. We need one another to weather the storms of our world and move forward our visions for our communities. I’m excited to […]

Youth CAN! a Success

On November 8th, 2014 YEA! MN hosted Youth CAN! a one day conference about the intersections of climate change, environmental justice, social justice, and what we can do about these issues facing us today. The inspiration for Youth CAN!, (Youth Climate Action Now!), came from an idea by YEA! MN steering committee student, Sjournee Cornelius-Quaidoo, […]

A Movement Within our Midst

This June was the last month of my year-long contract working with the WSF on race awareness, equity, and environmental justice education.  My job has been to create spaces for conversations around how our organization can become more open, equitable, and useful to low-income communities and communities of color, and to facilitate/plan workshops on climate […]

Examining Equity and Inclusion

Two weeks ago I sat with Anita Patel in her office at the YWCA in downtown Minneapolis. Anita serves as the Vice President for Racial Justice and Public Policy for the YWCA. We were meeting to discuss and plan a workshop or facilitated discussion that she would lead at the end of May for the Will Steger Foundation […]

Spotlight on an Emerging Leader: Bryn Shank, YEA! MN Co-Chair

Bryn has been a driving force in YEA! MN since he joined the program two years ago as a sophomore at Central High School in St Paul. His campus earth club, Roots & Shoots, had a long legacy of success, including institutionalizing school-wide recycling and composting. But when the seniors graduated, Bryn found himself pretty […]

Spotlight on an Emerging Leader: Shira Breen, YEA! MN Co-Chair

When Shira Breen joined YEA! MN as a sophomore at Minneapolis South High School, we knew we had met someone special. She was already highly engaged in her school and home community, working with her peers to launch a food shelf at South High, and starting a community garden in the neighborhood surrounding her school […]

Take Action: Tell your Congressional Representative to sign on to the letter directed to the President to Strengthen Environmental Justice in his plan!

WE ACT for Environmental Justiceis spearheading, with sponsorship from members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a letter that will go to the President to continue to put pressure on the Obama Administration to develop a better plan to address the concerns of climate change felt by environmental justice communities, and a Resolution that will codify the  importance […]