Energy Conservation Challenge leads to Student Empowerment in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Public Schools

The “191 Battle of the Buildings” (modeled after the EPA’s national contest) was a challenge for Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 to reduce their Carbon Footprint.  Energy reductions (calculated from buildings that saved) resulted in nearly 9% in energy reductions for the district.  The MN GreenCorps program is a statewide AmeriCorps program, administered through the Minnesota […]

GreenSchoolsConnect Launched in Twin Cities Metro

The Will Steger Foundation joined school districts, charter schools, businesses, local government, higher education and nonprofits at the 3M Innovation Center last week in order to “convene, connect, and foster uncommon collaboratives” through the GreenSchoolsConnect initiative. Launched in 2012, GreenSchoolsConnect (GSC) is a national collaborative initiative powered by Earth Force to accelerate a systemic approach to sustainability […]

YEA! MN Alum Digs Into Phenology Research

Since first getting involved in the environmental movement in high school, I’ve focused a lot more on politics and organizing around environmental issues than on environmental science and research. As an Oberlin College first-year, I plan on studying environmental studies with a focus on policy. So when I had the opportunity to choose a Winter […]

Climate Lesson Update: April 2013

“Everything is Okay.  Humanity, Working Together, Solved Climate Change.” That’s what the newspaper should have read this April when Dr. James Hansen announced his retirement.  It would be written about our greatest success story as a civilization, and the last paragraph would be a quiet “thank you” to Dr. Hansen for making it all possible. […]

Climate Lesson Update: March 2013

Keynotes Announced for Summer Institue for Energy Education! Our founder and acclaimed polar explorer, Will Steger will be delivering an intimate keynote forum at Summer Institute for Energy Education accompanied by J. Drake Hamilton of Fresh Energy.  The keynote event will follow a light social hour with food and drinks.  Register today for the Institute.

Climate Lesson Updates: February 2013

“If you’re not [alarmed about climate change] talk with my good friend and world-premier polar explorer, Will Steger, who is here tonight, about the drastic climate changes he has witnessed …” – Gov. Mark Dayton during 2013 State of the State Address, 2/7/2013 (transcript) In his speech, Governor Dayton has stepped out as a leading […]

Registration Open for 2013 Summer Institutes!

Registration is open! For our 2013 Summer Institutes, check out more info below:   Energy Education Minnesota’s Changing Climate Audubon Center of the North Woods   Sandstone, MN June 16-18, 2013 Turn on your teaching with the 2013 Summer Institute for Energy Education. Made possible by generous support from MN Center for Energy and the Environment, […]

Climate Lesson Update: January 2013

“Cold enough for ya?” Weather in 2012 was wild by any measure, giving Minnesotan’s plenty easy conversation starters in the break room at work. Though the Mississippi River did not shut down from the midwest drought as feared, it is confirmed: 2012 was the warmest year on record for the United States. And weather and […]

Climate Lesson Update: December 2012

Siiri Bigalke went to school in Minnesota, but she just returned from a trip to Doha, Qatar to participate as the WSF delegate in the COP18 international climate negotiations. As she bid farewell to COP 18 last week, she did so “With that sense of hope” to “continue to look forward to what the international […]

COP18 in your Classroom: A Teacher’s Primer on International Climate Negotiations

Monday, October 26th, 15,000+ delegates from 195 nations gathered in Doha, Qatar for climate change negotiations and ultimately “to stabalise greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system” (sources: COP18 Website). This collective effort began in 1992 with the creation of the United Nations Framework Commission on […]