Awareness and Action

In looking back at the amazing, intense, gratifying, and busy week that I spent with the Climate Generation Education Ambassadors in Paris, there are two main realizations that I hope to hold onto forever: the power of personal stories and the power of example. The power of personal stories works two ways: bringing eye-witness stories […]

We Need to Hear Each Other’s’ Stories

I left Paris struck by the power of the story. The news prior to COP21 indicated that the inclusion of language referencing a 2° temperature cap would be considered a victory. Upon arrival at Le Bourget on November 30, 2015, the small island states started telling their stories. They painted a personal picture of a […]

A Year’s End Climate Reflection

Letter from the Executive Director This year wrapped up with our successful Window into Paris program and a historic global climate agreement at the COP21 summit. You can read daily updates, media coverage, and watch webcasts on our Window into Paris homepage. For a summary of what happened at the negotiations, join us on Wednesday December 16th from […]

Historic climate agreement reached in Paris

Statement from Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy on the signing of the COP21 climate agreement in Paris “The agreement that has been forged at COP21 represents a historic victory in the effort to achieve a meaningful framework for international climate policy. Today, we celebrate that. The agreement is a strong foundation for future global […]

Your Window Into Paris: Day 13

As today dawns, the COP21 negotiations – originally scheduled to conclude Friday – remain mired in what are hopefully the final hours of last-ditch diplomacy and deal-making. The expectation now is that the diplomatic efforts will enter an “endgame” phase today, and a final agreement will be presented for a voice vote to become international […]